Wall Facing Board

Wall Facing Board

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Bubble Guard Wall Facing Board

A Replacement For a Plywood in Lower Price

Cello's Bubble Guard Wall Facing Board is used as a replacement for the ply-board and Mica which are used in the back inside of Cupboard. It is directly fixed at the back of the cupboard, showcases, dressing tables, Tv trolley etc by nailing it. Cello Bubble Guard Wall facing board will save your time & money.

Specification :

  • Standard available sizes are 8ft x 4ft
  • Standard available thickness is 6 mm & 8 mm
  • Color Available, White, Gray, Ivory

Installation :

  • Take the size of the back of the cupboard.
  • Cut the cello bubble guard sheet accordingly.
  • Put the sheet on the back of the cupboard
  • Do the nailing using washer to fix the sheet. And the water Proof & Termite Proof wall facing board is ready to protect your expensive furniture from the moisture of the wall as well to give it a new look.