Surface Protection Sheet

Surface Protection Sheet

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Introducing A Reasonable Solutions for your Expensive Plywood

New save your expensive Plywoods from the moisture of the wall. Cello Wim Plast introduces a new range of Wood Protector. Cello Bubble Guard Wood Protector is to be fixed at the back of the Plywood of wardrobe, shocase, kitchen cabinets, photo framing, mirror, glass framing. So ultimately one saves more buying Wood Protector.

Specification :

  • Standard Available size is : 8ft X 4 ft, 8 x 6.5 ft.
  • Standard Available thickness is 2 mm.
  • Usage : Wood / Plyboard which will be affected by the moisture & termite of the wall.

Installation Guide :

  • Take the size of the plywood.
  • Cut the cello bubble guard sheet accordingly.
  • Apply special rubber base adhesive (SG 1000 of 3M / SP5 of Pidilite) on sheet as well as on the back side of the cupboard. Allow it to dry for 5-10 minutes.
  • Put the sheet on the back of the cupboard and apply pressure gradually, so that no air bubble remains inside.
  • Hammer the sheet by placing a plain wooden plank. And the Water Proof & Termite Proof Wood Protector is ready to protect your expensive wardrobe from the moisture of the wall.